Gold Spot Self Adhesive Wallpaper

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Product information and delivery details for Gold Spot Self Adhesive Wallpaper
This season we have an exciting new range of wallpaper. Perfect for your dream nursery or any room for that matter. The simple peel and stick design means redecorating's never been easier.
Just stick the paper to any flat surface - walls, bookcases, shelves, you name it. Then peel it off when you're done. No mess left behind and it doesn't damage your walls. Great if you like to change your style.

- A simple peel & stick design for quick and easy decorating
- Easy to remove so walls are not damaged.
- No sticky residue left behind.
- pattern repeat: 27cm

Dimensions: W: 52cm X L: 5.48 m approx.


Before You Begin

Let the product acclimatise in the room it will be applied, for a minimum of 48 hours.
Surfaces need to be smooth, dry, clean and firm. The Product may not adhere to unclean or textured surfaces.
Clean surfaces using warm water only. If chemical cleaners or soap is used, there can be no residue.
Allow at least 4 weeks for any newly painted surfaces to fully cure ( or longer, if recommended by paint manufacturer )
Test Product in an inconspicuous location of surface before applying to desired location.
Surfaces NOT Recommended for Application:-
Textured Walls
Brick / Cinderblock
Unpainted drywall
Sheet Rock
Unpainted Plaster
Outdoor ? Any surface.
If you are hanging this product around sockets or switches, switch off mains power and unscrew fixtures and clean out all dust prior to starting as this will negatively affect adhesion.
When using this product cut into corners, not hang around.
Any damp issues must be corrected before application of this wall covering.
When applying the paper, DO NOT STRETCH the wallpaper. This can cause gaps between the seams overtime as it shrinks back. Slightly overlapping lengths / strips is recommended.

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