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Holly Burge Raven Ocarro Pushchair Review

Holly Burge Raven Ocarro Pushchair Review

All-terrain adventures just got a little darker. Our Raven Ocarro from our Signature range has the same great practical features, including the one-hand fold, plush seat and all-terrain wheels, but with a darker twist. Showcasing textured suedette fabric with a high gloss chassis, satin detailing and woven textures in a design that commands attention. How did Holly and Posey get along with our award winning Ocarro pushchair? Read or watch her Ocarro review below.

The Ocarro pushchair, my knight in shining armour. To say I had a thorough look for a pushchair, is an understatement. I went to all the major stores, had a push around of the different brands and had demonstrations from the shop assistants. I just couldn’t find THE ONE. I wanted something practical and suitable for all terrain, but I also didn’t want to have to compromise on design. That’s when I found the Mamas & Papas Ocarro. To me, it is the perfect balance of a fantastic pushchair and something that looks stylish and contemporary.

So, why do I love it?

1. The all-terrain wheels

We live by the beach and The New Forest, so going for long walks is something we love to do as a family. The fact that the wheels are all terrain, with the rear wheels measuring 11 inches is fantastic. They handle gravel tracks, just as well as they do pavements and sandy promenades, due to the dual suspension and puncture-proof tyres.

2. One hand fold

The one hand fold is obviously a massive plus for all parents. I can hold Posey with one arm, while folding down the pushchair with the other, no problem. Amazing for when you are in a rush and have babies, bags of shopping or that all important coffee in hand.

It took me a few goes to get the motion, but now I’m an absolute pro and it only takes me seconds to get the pushchair into the boot.

3. The Raven look

As I previously mentioned, I did NOT want to have an ugly pushchair. Before Posey was born, I would spend my days dreaming of expensive handbags, and the pushchair just seemed an extension of that to me. The Raven Ocarro Pushchair has a textured suedette fabric with a high gloss chassis and it’s all in black. The sleekest design I have seen. It will stand the test of time, is gender neutral for any other babies and it will go with any outfit.. a strange concern of mine, I know. But none the less, something I thought about.

4. The basket

The Ocarro has a generous basked underneath and I have found it easy to load it with my shopping and other bits. Who knew you needed so much stuff with a baby hey?!

5. Compact size

The Ocarro folds down to a really compact size and also stands up on its own, so if it’s not in the boot of the car, it’s stood up in our hallway and doesn’t take up that much space at all. We don’t have a massive boot and the pushchair fits in nicely, leaving a little room for shopping too.

6. 5-point harness and seat

The padded shoulders are another fantastic feature, along with the head-hugging headrest. Posey always seems comfortable in the seat and it is very secure. There are several different harness positions, which means that your little one is always comfortable as they grow. The seat has different position settings too, including a lay back option, for naps on the go. This also means that the pushchair is suitable from birth, if you do not want to purchase the separate carry cot that is for up to 6 months. I did have the carry cot and really enjoyed using it, so it just comes down to personal preference.

7. The hood

Something I’m really noticing now it’s warming up, is how useful the extra-large hood is. The hood on the Ocarro pulls down over Posey so that she is almost totally protected from the sun. It seems to come down a lot lower than others I have seen on the market, so a big plus and I don’t need to worry about her getting burnt.

8. Steering the handle

The steering on this pushchair is second to none, it has a real glide to it and it tackles corners and curbs like a pro. Pushing it is really easy and it almost glides in front of you making a really nice walking experience. The handle is easily adjustable, so it only takes a second to change the height when my husband starts pushing.

9. Weight

The Ocarro isn’t the lightest pushchair on the market and I must admit, straight after my C-section, I did have to have a little help getting it in and out of the boot. However now, I can do it on my own no problem, and it isn’t an issue at all. I guess it must be slightly heavier than some of the others on the market due to how strong and robust it is.

10. Travel accessories

The Ocarro comes with a rain cover which is a good snug fit and comes in very handy, believe me. There is also a pocket at the bottom of the basket to keep it in, so you are ready for anything, I also put the car seat adapters in there, so if Posey falls asleep in the car seat, I can just pop her onto the frame and get a few more minutes of blissful quiet.

I love matchy matchy. So that fact that you can buy the matching nappy bag is a massive winner for me. It’s a well-thought-out bag that doesn’t look far off a nice handbag. You can wear it as a shoulder bag of backpack and comes with a changing mat and bottle warmer. The perfect companion for adventures in the Ocarro.

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